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Summer Opera Orchestra
July 1-21, 2024

rehearsal/ perf. schedule
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Playing in an opera orchestra offers unique skills beyond instrumental-only orchestras:

1. **Collaboration:** Learning to synchronize with vocalists and adapt to diverse musical elements.



2. **Expressiveness:** Interpreting and conveying emotions to complement the opera's narrative.

3. **Versatility:** Adapting to various styles and genres present in operatic compositions.

4. **Listening Skills:** Developing a keen ear for vocal nuances and dynamic changes. AND SO MUCH MORE

High School Orchestra
Flute Player in Orchestra
Violin Orchestra

Summer Opera Schedule

July 1-3



Mini Rehearsals for players not doing YMA Europe Tour

July 8-12

10:00 AM - 1:00PM

Larger Rehearsals where YMA Europe Tour players join us

July 15-17



rehearsals with the singers

July 19,20

5pm - 9pm


Evening Performances

July 21

3pm - 7pm

Matinee Performance

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